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Liquid heat insulation "TERMION" from the manufacturer

"TERMION" is an innovation in the field of insulation materials. Includes a number vakuum microspheres, high-quality anti-fungal or anti-corrosion component based on acrylic. The guarantee of reliable protection of the walls from freezing, condensation and destructive mold and metal surfaces from rust.

Insulating materials"TERMION" super resistant to extreme temperatures ranging from -60°C to +600°C, depending on the modification. The buyer can choose the necessary modification in accordance with the characteristics of the surface.
If we talk about the usual insulation where the dew point is in the insulation or between the wall and the insulation, our material eliminates condensation, has excellent vapor permeability. That is, allow moisture to evaporate and not accumulate in the walls.

It is fair to ask, how does the insulation in the opposite situation, when the moisture penetrates the walls with the external environment (such as rain)? Thanks to its unique composition, this material has water-repellent properties.
In simple terms, the walls remain dry even when the difference between internal and external temperatures or during heavy rain. Note modification "TERMION FACADE". All kinds of our materials are resistant to ultraviolet radiation.

TERMION Standard for pipelines and tanks
TERMION Facade for the facade
TERMION of Biosecurity to eliminate mold and mildew
TERMION Anticor - Anticorrosive thermal insulation
TERMION Winter for thermal insulation at negative temperatures
TERMION Volcano for high temperatures up to +600 °C
TERMION Finish heat putty
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