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Anticorrosive alkyd primer for metal surfaces

Anticorrosive alkyd primer for metal surfaces

Application area
Designed to protect metal from corrosion, the ground is secure
Protects the machined metal surface from external aggression atmosphere. The composition of the soil includes corrosion inhibitors and it can be applied to a poorly prepared surface directly on the rust and used as an independent coating of metal products and metal structures





Consumption per 1 layer

100-160 g / m2

Dry residue

67 - 74%


1,2 - 1,4 kg / liter



Method of application

Apply by brush, roller, spray or dip

Drying time at + 20 ° C
and humidity of 65%

6 hours


White, Gray, Red-brown

Resistance to chemicals

It is resistant to turpentine, white spirit, denatured alcohol. Withstands vegetable and animal fats, lubricating oils and greases

Storage and transport

Withstands storage and transport at low temperatures. Store in a sealed, tightly closed container.

Shelf life

Guaranteed shelf life in factory unopened packaging - 2 years.


Attention! When the temperature is lowered and the relative humidity of the air increases, the drying time may increase.

Conditions for priming:
The surface to be painted must be dry.
The temperature of the air and the surface to be painted should be -10 °C to +35 °C and humidity not more than 80%.

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