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TERMION Fire protection 03-Fire-retardant intumescent paint for cable groups

Water-dispersive one-component paint, belonging to the category of intumescent, is used as a means of resisting the action of fire on communication cables (power and signal), with PVC and PE braid.

The cable treated with the paint "TERMION FIRE-PROTECTION 03" is not exposed to a short-circuit fire and ensures the uninterrupted operation of the system at high temperatures during accidents.

The protective paint "TERMION FIRE-PROTECTION 03" is capable of ensuring fire resistance (with observance of the coverage rate) in accordance with the requirements of GOST 5311-2009 (category A). In this case, the reduction of possible loads for the cables covered by TERMION FIRE-PROTECTION 03 is 0.98. Paint, also able to maintain resistance to temperature loads by...

How "TERMION FIRE PROTECT 03" works : 

The paint includes fire retardants, heat-resistant components, foaming agents and stabilizing additives. As the temperature rises, the upper layer cracks (foams), releasing, at the same time, inert gases. As a result, the resulting solid foam has a low thermal conductivity, preventing the flame from developing, and replacing oxygen with inert gases, stops the combustion process.

Fire-resistant paint "TERMION FIRE-PROTECTION 03" fulfills the role of a fire protector for cables laid inside buildings with humidity up to 90%. It is desirable to apply the paint with a sprayer (airless), it is also possible to apply with a brush or roller.

Staining is carried out at an air temperature of + 5ºC and a humidity level of up to 80%.

Interlayer drying - 5-8 hours.

Coating consumption during application:

The thickness of the paint layer (in dry form), in mm (without taking into account the top layer)


Consumption of the composition with an error for losses, kg / m²




Mass fraction of nonvolatile compounds%

from 67 %

Viscosity (VZ-246), with a diameter of 6 mm and a temperature of + 20ºC (± 2ºC)

from 180

Abrasion level, in μm

befor 80

Coating color (base)


Period of service (indoors)

from 25 лет

Effect of fire protection, in minutes

before 60

Storage and Warranty:

The paint is stored in factory, sealed containers, away from heat, fire and UV rays. Storage temperature is from 0 ° C to + 40 ° C. If the storage recommendations are observed, the performance characteristics will be as stated by the manufacturer throughout the warranty period.

The warranty period of storage for fireproof products is 1 year.

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