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TERMION Winter-Frost-resistant liquid heat insulation


Innovative development of the plant Altermo - ultra-thin liquid thermal insulation "TERMION WINTER" allows you to work with the material in the winter at t ° to -30 ° C. This is a non-alternative version of the coating (from liquid heat insulators) for such weather conditions.

The material prevents freezing, the appearance of condensation and icing on the pipeline and the gas pipeline. It is used for warming walls, facades, balconies and balconies, attic rooms and cellars, basement floors, inter-panel seams, roofs and other metal structures.

The liquid thermal insulator "TERMION WINTER" can be compared to conventional enamels (by the method of use), but the micro-granules of glass ceramics with discharged air inside it make it an excellent thermal barrier, due to a very low thermal conductivity coefficient.

Thinner, for "TERMION WINTER", can be xylene or Orthoxylene.

Liquid insulator "TERMION WINTER" has excellent adhesion properties, water resistance, resistance to alkaline environments and applicability to different types of bases.

"TERMION WINTER" on an organic basis, contains 80% microgranules of glass ceramics "3M" (France), ultraviolet filters and other rheological additives.


Before coating, it is thoroughly mixed by hand or with a drill (rotation speed up to 200 rpm).

Requirements for the surface on which the thermal insulation is applied: dry and clean (without grease, dirt and dust)

It is not recommended to apply TERMION WINTER to painted surfaces.

For application, use a roller, brush or spray (airless).




Color of the film (basic)



Orthoxylene, Xylene

Appearance of the coating

Matte, smooth, homogeneous


Density g / cm³


Hiding power, g / m2 (state standard 8784-75)


Calculated thermal conductivity W / m ° С


Heat dissipation W / m ° С


Thermal resistance m2 * C \ W (at 1 millimeter)


Coefficient of vapor permeability Mg / m h PA


Adhesion coating (state standard 15140-78)

1 score

The flammability class (except for the modification of NG)

G 1

  1. Coating adhesion by peel strength:
    1. 1. coatings to brick Mpa (State All-Union standard 28574-90)
    2. 2. coatings to concrete Mpa (State All-Union standard 28574-90)
    3. 3. coatings to steel Mpa (State All-Union standard 28574-90)


  • 2,00
  • 1,28
  • 1,2

Storage (in tightly closed containers)

12 months

Actual consumption (single-layer coating) l / m²


Dry from dust

0,5 hours

Full drying to grade 3

40 min.

Interlayer drying

24 hours

Full polymerization

48 hours

Альтермо_утепление цоколя
Альтермо Зима на фасаде
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