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"TERMION Liquid Roof" -Innovative waterproofing sealant-paint


One-component polymer paint "TERMION LIQUID ROOF" is used for protection and decorative finishing of new and old roofing, as well as external and internal wooden, brick, concrete, plastered, metal and galvanized surfaces subject to constant exposure to water and ultraviolet radiation.

"TERMION LIQUID ROOF" has a high elasticity, fluidity and adhesion, so there is no need to dismantle the existing roofing material.

The synonym "TERMION LIQUID ROOF" is a waterproof sealant.

Despite the high waterproofing effect, "TERMION LIQUID ROOF" is a vapor permeable.

Ways of application: rubber spatula, brush, roller, airless spray.

It is actively used for waterproofing:

  • Roofs, facades, socle floors, inter-panel ceilings,
  • Open verandas, terraces, balconies;
  • Swimming pools, concrete tanks, garden paths, blind lands;
  • Boats, yachts, boats;
  • Civil, industrial and agricultural buildings and structures;
  • Bridges, tunnels;


  • Reduction of labor costs and estimated installation costs;
  • High adhesion to any surface;
  • Resistance to temperature drop and ultraviolet radiation;
  • Long service life;
  • Easy to apply tinting and can be used as a finish coat;
  • After drying, a seamless waterproofing coating is formed;
  • Environmentally friendly material;

Surface preparation:

The substrate must be flat, firm and dry. Surface and seams, joints, depressions, protrusions, clean from dust, flaking elements, from oil and other contaminants, preventing the formation of adhesion to the base.

Glossy surfaces and peeling places should be cleaned with a scraper or a brush. Eliminate significant unevenness with plastering compounds for outdoor work, apply primer to the substrate (for concrete or metal surfaces).


Before application, the material must be thoroughly mixed, if necessary diluted with purified water no more than 5% per volume.

The work is carried out at an air temperature and treated surfaces of not less than + 5 ° C and not higher than + 40 ° C.

Before starting work, make sure that all previously applied coatings have dried.

Attention! Apply only on a dry substrate!

The material is applied with a rubber spatula, brush, roller or airless spray (Graco, Wagner) in several layers, the layers are applied in a direction perpendicular to the previous ones.

At an ambient temperature of + 20 ° C and a relative humidity of 90 ± 5%, the interlayer drying is 2-3 hours. Otherwise, the drying time will change. Full polymerization of the material 24 hours.

Attention! After applying, reliably protect the material from moisture, precipitation and mechanical damage until the end of the complete polymerization.


  • Roofs, balconies, verandas, basins, basement floors, inter-panel ceilings - 1.5 ... 2.0 kg / m² (with a total thickness of the layers of 1.5-2 mm), the recommended total thickness of the dry coating layer should not be less than 1, 5 mm.
  • Floors, walls - 1.0 ... 1.5 kg / m² (with a total thickness of 1.5 mm), the recommended total thickness of the dry coating layer should not be less than 1 mm.

The thickness of the coating is measured by a tool of the "comb" type.

Transportation and storage of material:

Transportation and storage of the material must be carried out in tightly closed containers at a temperature of at least + 5 ° C and not above + 40 ° C.

Storage and use of waterproofing coatings is not associated with adherence to special safety requirements, as it is fire and explosion-proof.

The warranty period of storage in the original packaging is 12 months from the date of manufacture.




Color of the film (basic)

White (tinted)


Purified water

Appearance of the coating

Glossy, smooth, homogeneous

Degree of grinding, mkm

not more than 60

Density, kg / m3


Coefficient of thermal conductivity, W / m ° С


Tensile strength, linear elongation,%


Resistance to water pressure 0.5 atm., Hour

not less than 24

Water-resistance - pressure 0,001 MPa for 72 hours


Hiding power, gr / m2 (State standard 8784-75)

not more than 145

Adhesion coating (State standard 15140-78)

1 score

Strength of adhesion to concrete, MPa


The flammability group (except for the modification of NG)

G 1

Storage (in tightly closed containers)

12 months

Actual flow rate (at 1 mm)кг/м²


Application, transport and storage temperature, ° С


Operating temperature


Frost resistance of the finished coating, cycle

Not less than 200

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