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TERMION Fire protection 02-Fire retardant intumescent paint for wood

"TERMION FIRE protection 02" - penoobraznaya paint ontbytsake properties. Used for protection and decoration of wooden surfaces and construction materials on the basis of wood (plywood, particleboard, OSB, etc.). It is used in residential construction, and industrial, for the resistance of the material to fire, spread of fire, the processes of rot and mold, termites and ants. "TERMION FIRE protection 02" gives the wood surface is uncharacteristic qualities, including trudnovospituemyh. Flame steaming layer by coating, resulting in a penokoksovuyu film protecting the surface of the material from the direct action of the flame and high temperature. This layer prevents the wood will ignite.

Paint is equally suitable for use both indoors and outdoors (covered). One of its advantages is – maintainability.

Damaged or delaminated spot on the material you can always just touch up. "TERMION FIRE protection 02" belongs to the first category of funding on the effectiveness of fire protection of wooden surfaces. Minimum service life – 10 years.

The paint is fire and explosion safe, environmentally friendly.

Technical parameters:



The basis of acrylic, flame retardant and functional additives, H2O.

The texture and color

Knitting, white suspension

The consumption when working

To match the 1st category of fire protection – use 520 g/1m2 


Purified water


Drying up to the 3rd degree - up to 2 hours, drying time of each layer is about 7-8 hours, the absolute drying and 100% protection occurs within 3 days (at 20°C and humidity - 65%)

Conditions for the application of

Medium temperature from+5°C to +30°C and humidity up to 70%.

Category of fire protection

1-I (according to NPB 251-98)

Periods of storage

1 year at a temperature of from 0°C to +25°C in closed container

Conditions of transportation and storage

Do not freeze!

Recommendations for use:

Before applying to the surface, the paint is kept at room temperature, then thoroughly mix. The surface on which applied paint, cleaned from dust and dirt, remnants of bark, and other coatings. Wood materials must be in conditions of normal humidity. The paint is applied at a temperature from +5°C and humidity up to 70%. Use roller, brush or spray (airless). If necessary, paint can be added Koller (only pastel). While working on the paint application, wood must be protected from precipitation effects. On the wood without any coating, pre-applied primer antisepticescuu impregnation. Mineral surfaces require impregnation of the appropriate primer mixtures. They, too, applied by sprayer or manually.

Important! Not to process frozen wood! Paint "TERMION FIRE protection 02" cannot be used in combination with other compounds!

For extra protection, apply 1-2 layers of topcoat with acrylic-based copolymers, etc. with the thickness of each layer to 60 microns. Security measures: The painting is carried out in working clothes (need gloves). In case of contact with eyes, need to quickly rinse them with water. Upon completion of the work, carefully washed his hands with detergent. Do not dispose of in the sewers.




Paint includes flame retardants, heat-resistant components, foaming agents and stabilizing additives.

With increasing temperature, the top layer sakakawea (foams), highlighting, at the same time, the inert gases. In the end, the resulting rigid foam has a low thermal conductivity, preventing development of flame, and the substitution of oxygen for inert gases, stop the burning process. 

Огнезащитная краска Альтермо_Огнезащита
Огнезащитная краска Альтермо_для дерева
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