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About company "Altermo" SPA LLC.

TERMION liquid heat-insulating paint


Factory  Limited Liability Company nongovernmental organization "Altermo" - company that works in the market of energy-saving coatings since 2011.

The main specialization is the development, production and implementation of innovative energy-saving, waterproofing and flame retardant materials under the trade mark "TERMION"®).

Peculiarities of activity: on the basis of our industrial enterprise, laboratory research is constantly conducted, innovative paint and varnish materials are being developed and manufactured using advanced technologies and innovations in the chemical industry.

The main priorities of the company:

  • The specialists of the company constantly master new technologies, methods of work, conduct laboratory investigations in their own production laboratory with subsequent introduction of developments in the production process.
  • Develop new products, modernize existing ones in order to improve their strength and other characteristics.
  • Each employee in his place, in the company staff there are technical, marketing specialists, employees of the supply department, etc.
  • In the production of the entire product line, raw materials are used from trusted suppliers, with whom the company has been working for several years.
  • At each stage of production, quality control of finished products is carried out, comparative measurements and analyzes are made.

Managers of the company quickly get in touch if you have any questions about the activities and products plant cast composite material Limited Liability Company nongovernmental organization "Altermo" there are business proposals for the wholesale purchase of materials, delivery to the regions - leave your contacts or call the phones indicated in the contacts.

About us

The main products of the company are liquid heat-insulating paint (thermal paint) - a new generation coating that can cope with such problems as: metal corrosion, additional heat insulation, fungal formations, and the creation of strong, hermetic coatings used in all sectors of the economy. This is the ideal coating for house insulation. The modern liquid ceramic insulating material "TERMION" has a cost, which is equal to the cost of ordinary painting.

Our products are used as a paint, but it works like a thermos, which determines its popularity!

The price for "TERMION" is lower than for analog products, so you can buy a thermo-paint, paint, protect much more surfaces of a residential, public, industrial premises, wood and metal structures.

Insulating coatings of a new generation, produced in our company, are becoming more popular and in demand in our lives. Compared with other, more traditional insulating materials, for example, as from mineral wool or Polyurethane foam, which already in the course of time go to the past. Modern liquid insulation "TERMION" has a number of important advantages with which conventional insulation can not compete. For example, modern thermo-insulating materials should provide a coating that protects the surface from corrosion. This ensures that corrosion problems under insulation remain in the past. Thermal insulation "TERMION" easily copes with this task.

Insulating coatings "TERMION" ideal for:

  • Thermal insulation
  • Prevention education condensation
  • Personal protective equipment (contact with very hot surfaces)
  • Prevention of fungal formations
  • Anticorrosion protection of surfaces

Many people often face the problems of freezing of walls, formation of cold bridges, insufficient thermal insulation of roofs. As a result, the question "how to insulate the house" is asked. The answer is quite simple: In most cases, many consumers rush to insulate the object "in the old fashion" with mineral wool But do not hurry with the decision. The fact is that the liquid ceramic thermal insulation material "TERMION" is estimated at an estimated cost to ordinary painting works, in fact, it is a kind of "warm paint", which means that "TERMION" is used as a paint, and works like a thermos. Consequently, it does not release heat and at the same time reflects solar energy.

About the shortcomings of traditional heat insulators, said above. Numerous tests of liquid thermal insulation "TERMION" proved that the heat conductivity index of modern thermal insulation is equal to one thousandth (0.001) W / m2. Quite naturally it can be concluded that when insulating an object it is better to buy cheap thermal insulation cheaply than to overpay large amounts for insulation by traditional and short-lived thermal insulators. And now, let's talk about how effective liquid insulation works reviews, there are only positive ones. This is not surprising, considering that the aesthetically beautiful surface of the object, after carrying out thermal insulation works, always remains excellent, because the liquid insulation "TERMION" can be tinted in any desired color. It turns out that this is an advantageous and high-quality thermal insulation, the price is not high on the "TERMION".

1)Compared with other traditional materials for thermal insulation (mineral wool, polyurethane), liquid insulation better protects the surface from corrosion.

2)Do not know how to insulate the house - do not rush, perhaps the ultra-thin "TERMION" insulation will be the best solution for you. A special coating will not only retain heat, but also reflect solar radiation.

3)In the course of numerous tests, it was established that the heat conductivity index is one thousandth (0.001) W / m². It can be concluded that the paint will be cheaper than other expensive short-lived heat insulators.

How quickly and efficiently the liquid heat insulation works, you can read our clients' reviews in the "Reviews" section.

Also at our cast composite material plant, TERMION Fire Protection is produced. - Fire-resistant intumescent paint on a water basis, specially designed to increase the fire resistance of metal structures and civil and industrial facilities up to 120 minutes. It is an environmentally friendly material, does not contain components harmful to human health, refers to fire and explosion-proof materials and meets the requirements of GOST R 53295-2009.

Principle of work "TERMION Fire Protection":

"TERMION Fire Protection" contains special flame retardant additives and heat-resistant substances, as well as gas generators and stabilizers of the foam layer. With increasing temperature and fire exposure, the composition swells (coked) releases inert gases and fumes, a rigid foam with a low thermal conductivity is formed, which does not support and slows down the combustion, i.e. oxygen is replaced by inert gases. Subsequently, the thermal convention disappears and the flame of fire is suppressed

The newest development in the field of waterproofing coatings - TERMION LIQUID ROOF - One-component polymer paint is used for the protection and decorative finishing of new and old roofing, as well as external and internal wooden, brick, concrete, plastered, metal and galvanized surfaces subject to constant exposure to the aquatic environment and ultraviolet radiation. "TERMION LIQUID ROOF" has a high elasticity, fluidity and adhesion, so there is no need to dismantle the existing roofing material.

Using high-quality imported raw materials in production, the achievements of the employees of the innovation department and the laboratory of the company managed to achieve high improved indicators, indicating high technical characteristics, properties and parameters of the finished product.

If you have any questions about the liquid ceramic thermal insulation, fire protection or waterproofing, technical properties and parameters - you can always contact the managers of the company to clarify the details.

We hope that with the help of TERMION products, you easily, quickly and economically solve the problems of thermal insulation, waterproofing and fire protection of your facilities.

We are always happy to help with the choice and consult on the issues that have arisen!

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