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"TERMION Hydrophobizer" - from the manufacturer at a bargain price

Hydrophobizers are called aqueous (or organic) solutions of silicone components. The water repellent, due to water, or another "transporter", gets inside the material to be coated. There he creates a waterproof, with a permeable layer, protecting the structure from moisture.

APPLICATION FIELDS: During any construction, the degree of porosity of the material must be considered. The pores let out atmospheric moisture, which reacts with salts, expelling them to the outer layer of the facade. Moisture itself, left in the pores, under the influence of temperature fluctuations, destroys the structure of the material of the walls, changing their thermal characteristics. This leads to a significant reduction in the life of the building as a whole. A logical solution, in this case, will be the use of water repellents. These are substances with water-repellent properties. Coatings with a water repellent are not "afraid" of showers and snow.

Silicone hydrophobizer "TERMION Hydrophobizer"

Undoubtedly, the best hydrophobizators are organosilicon. Their unique protective properties are enhanced by excellent resistance to temperatures and chemical reagents. One of the main advantages of silicone hydrophobizators is a long service life.

Compared with standard waterproof coatings, "TERMION Hydrophobizer":

  • Does not violate the steam-passing ability of the material;
  • Prevents moisture penetration in temperature ranges from +5 °С to +60 °С;
  • Has a low index of surface tension, which protects the facade from sticking dirt and dust;
  • Has a high resistance to mechanical stress;
  • Does not crack the material;
  • Prevents the appearance of highs;

"TERMION Hydrophobizer" is used when it is necessary to protect as much as possible from moisture such materials as: concrete and its varieties, stone and slate. Such treatment protects the surfaces from wetting in rain and snow, thereby preventing the destruction and formation of mold and the appearance of fungi.

Exceptional characteristics of hydrophobic impregnation, provide the possibility of applying coating on the surface of floors, warehouses, garages and pavement paths. Hydrophobizer significantly increases the strength characteristics of materials, preventing the appearance of cracks and dust.

Especially relevant is the use of a hydrophobic agent for impregnating concrete structures. This coating gives the material resistance to corrosion and severe frost, prevents dusting. The probability of moisture penetration into the concrete structure becomes practically zero, and this is one of the main criteria for the long service life of structures.

Any porous building material needs thorough protection. Hydrophobizers are needed for plastered surfaces, bricks, gypsum, concrete and varieties of natural stones.

In addition to protection against moisture ingress, TERMION Hydrophobizer provides materials with an increase in hardness and strength. Along with a multiple increase in water repellent properties, the resistance to dust and dirt increases.

The strongest influence of moisture is amenable to: facades of buildings, finishing of socles and pavement paths. After penetration of moisture into the structure of the material, the front side of the facade crackles, the thermal insulation properties of the walls decrease significantly, which leads to the appearance of mold and fungal formations.

The layer created by TERMION Hydrophobizer is about 20mm thick, it prevents penetration of any moisture. Microscopic particles cover "envelop" the pores of the material, creating the finest waterproof film. Since the thickness of the film itself is an order of magnitude smaller than the thickness of the capillaries (pores) in the section, the vapor permeability of the material remains unchanged. The wall remains "breathing", and this is one of the main conditions for a healthy microclimate in the house.

The main advantages of TERMION Hydrophobizer:

  • Exceptional waterproof properties
  • A reliable barrier against the penetration of insects, fungi and mold
  • Ability to work with the surface at a humidity level of up to 60%
  • Minimum coverage period - from 10 years
  • Environmentally safe impregnation
  • Minimum material consumption - about 1 liter per 6 m2 surface

Instructions for applying the impregnation "TERMION Hydrophobizer" on the surface of various structures:

  1. Requirements for the ambient temperature. The surface treatment should be carried out at a temperature of -20 ° C to + 40 °
  2. Requirements for materials:
    • the surface is cleaned from dirt, paint and other coatings before impregnation treatment
    • humidity level can not exceed 30%
    • After treatment, the surface must be protected from mechanical influences
  3. Processing process:
    "TERMION Hydrophobizer" is applied with a pneumatic spray or manually, after mixing the material. In the case of working with a spray gun, it is held at a distance of 25-35 cm from the surface of the material. With manual application - achieve maximum saturation of the surface with the color of the mixture.




Color of the film (base), degree of gloss

White, matt

Appearance of the material

Homogeneous liquid, without foreign inclusions

Mass fraction of non-volatile substances

Not less than 22%

Temperature range of operation, ° С

-60 to +150

Conventional viscosity according to viscometer type ВЗ-246 with nozzle diameter 4 mm at temperature (20 ± 0,5) ° С

not less than 11

Drying time for coating to grade 3, at ambient temperature (20 ± 2) ° С, h


Interlayer drying at ambient temperature (20 ± 2) ° С, h,


Recommended number of layers


Consumption (2 layers), l / 4 m²



From 10 years

Guarantee period of storage in tightly closed containers at a temperature of not less than +5 ° С, months



Conditions for transportation and storage

Hydrophobizer CAN NOT freeze!

hydrophobisator composition

Aqueous composition based on organosilicon copolymers and rheological additives

Гидрофобизатор Термион (Альтермо)
Гидрофобизатор Термион (Альтермо)_2
Гидрофобизатор Термион (Альтермо)_3
Гидрофобизатор Термион (Альтермо)_4
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