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TERMION Finish - Energy-saving filler

At the stage of finishing the premises, namely: before applying any decorative coating, it is necessary to prepare the surface itself. "TERMION FINISH" is the simplest and most effective way of preparing premises for painting or wallpapering. With the help of this coating, all the work to eliminate unevenness, cracks, dents, giving a decorative surface texture, can not even be done by a professional.

Putty is delivered ready for use and contains, in its composition, binding polymers, which determine its exceptional characteristics, among other blends.

The consistency of the putty is uniform and cream-like, which allows it to be applied quickly enough. The surface becomes smooth and smooth. Work on the application of TERMION FINISH, you can start immediately after opening the bucket, pre-mixing the composition. If necessary, the mixture can be diluted with water.

Thanks to the "TERMION FINISH" putty, it is possible to significantly reduce the time for work on sealing the seams, leveling the walls and finishing the corners. The coating "TERMION FINISH" improves the overall quality of the premises, providing it with heat-saving characteristics.

Drying of putty takes only a few hours (depending on the temperature and humidity), therefore, it takes less time to work with the mixture than with similar materials. In the end, you will get a strong foundation for the finish finish, without the risk of shedding or cracking.

Putty "TERMION FINISH" is not toxic and suitable for work in any premises.


"TERMION FINISH" is used for:

  • Finishing of walls, ceilings, plastered surfaces
  • Filling cracks in concrete, masonry and plaster
  • Sealing joints in plasterboard structures (connecting tapes)
  • Decorating corners
  • Application of the initial layer on metal surfaces
  • Finish coating
  • The need for surface texturing


  • "TERMION FINISH" is immediately ready for use, and at the end of the work, it is closed with a lid and stored for several months without loss of performance. This allows you to save a significant amount of time to prepare the mixtures for work
  • Multitasking when solving repair work. In addition to leveling the surfaces, TERMION FINISH performs the role of heat and sound insulator, does not allow the appearance of condensate and fungus, acts as an excellent heat insulator (in its parameters, it has no equal among the traditional types of heaters)
  • Easy application, perfect grip, practically, with any surface
  • Greater resistance to the appearance of cracks on the surface
  • Maximum adhesion to gypsum boards is maintained even in high humidity conditions
  • Less waste in work. Creamy consistency minimizes the possibility of dropping off putty and helps keep the workplace clean.
  • Low shrinkage. Strictly aged chemical composition. This increases the overall quality of the finishing work, with less effort.
  • Great opportunities for creativity in decorating rooms


  • Hiding power: 200 gr., Per 1 m2 layer in 1 mm of the surface of plasterboard sheets.
  • Drying time: about 5 hours, depending on layer thickness, air temperature and humidity.
  • Temperature: the minimum is +7 "C maximum +60" C (inside the work of the building when sealing joints).
  • The density of the material: 0.53 g / l. Heat perception: 2.2 W / m "C Heat output: 3.9 W / m" С
  • Thermal conductivity: 0.0012 W / m2 Water vapor permeability: 0.1
  • Operating temperature: from - 60 "С to + 160" С Elasticity at bending: according to GOST 6806-73 1.4mm.
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