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High-temperature liquid thermal insulation "TERMION VOLCANO"


High-temperature liquid thermal insulation "TERMION VOLCANO" is used when it is necessary to perform insulation:

  • Gas Transmission Systems
  • Smokestacks (made of metal)
  • Product pipelines (technological)
  • Elements of engines
  • Mechanisms and hull parts of ships
  • Roofing metal structures
  • Pipeline systems, boilers, cisterns and other structures

Heat Pipelines

"TERMION VOLCANO" is applied on surfaces that can be affected by temperature peaks from -60 ° C to + 600 ° C and withstand aggressive media such as oil products, salts and mineral oils.

Metal surfaces treated with thermal paint "TERMION VOLCANO" will be devoid of corrosion, and industrial equipment with a high operating temperature will protect workers from thermal burns.

"TERMION VOLCANO" on an organic basis, contains 80% microgranules from glass ceramics "3M" (France), 20% special aluminum flakes and rheological additives.


Before coating, it is thoroughly mixed by hand or with a drill (rotation speed up to 200 rpm).

Requirements for the surface on which the thermal insulation is applied: dry and clean (without grease, dirt and dust)

It is not recommended to apply TERMION VOLCANO on painted surfaces.

For application, use a roller, brush or spray (airless).

The ambient temperature, when painting, should be in the range: + 7 ° C - + 40 ° C.

The coating, on the surface of the metal, is applied in 2 - 3 layers, using an intermediate drying for up to 24 hours (drying time depends on t ° ambient air).

Drying of the coating occurs after 48 hours under natural conditions at t ° = 20 ° C.

Full solidification of the material takes place during heating during operation.

With the help of thermal engineering calculations, the total thickness of the coating is determined.


The name of indicators

Standard according to Spec.

Appearance of the film

After drying, the film must be homogeneous, without foreign inclusions

Basic color of the film

Silvery gray


Orthoxylene or Xylene

Conventional viscosity by viscosimeter type
VZ-246 with a nozzle diameter of 4.0 mm
at a temperature (20 ± 2) ° С, s, not less than


Drying time to degree 3, h,

at a temperature of (20 ± 2) ° C

at a temperature of (150 ± 2) ° C




Mass fraction of nonvolatile substances,%


Temperature resistance of the film at a temperature of 600 ° C, h, not less than


Degree of dilution to working
viscosity of 15 s by viscometer
VZ-246 with nozzle diameter 4.0
mm at a temperature of (20 ± 2) ° C,%


Film strength at impact on the device
Y-1, cm, not less than


Adhesion of the film
(according to the method of lattice notches), point


Calculated thermal conductivity W / m ° С


Heat dissipation W / m ° С


Thermal resistance m2 * C \ W
(at 1 mm)


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