Liquid heat insulation

• Removes freezing    
• Reduction of energy losses   
• Anticorrosive thermal insulation
• Elimination of condensation and mold 
• Warm-up with negative t ° C
• Thermal insulation up to + 600 ° C
• Heat-Resistant Putty


Fireproof paint

• Fire protection of metal
• Fire protection of concrete
• Fire protection cable 
• Fire protection of air ducts
• Fire protection of a tree 

Liquid waterproofing

• Waterproofing of roofing 
• Waterproofing of the foundation 
• Waterproofing of swimming pool
• Waterproofing for floors 
• Waterproofing of roads
• Waterproofing of floors


Priming / Impregnation

• Hydrophobisator
• Primer for concrete
• Primer for metal

About the factory cast composite material (CCM) Limited Liability Company nongovernmental organization "Altermo".


Factory cast composite material Limited Liability Company  nongovernmental organization  "Altermo" - company that works in the market of energy-saving coatings since 2011.

The main specialization is the development, production and implementation of innovative energy-saving, waterproofing and flame retardant materials under the trade mark ALTERMO (Alterm®).

Peculiarities of activity: on the basis of our industrial enterprise, laboratory research is constantly conducted, innovative paint and varnish materials are being developed and manufactured using advanced technologies and innovations in the chemical industry.

The main priorities of the company:
  • The specialists of the company constantly master new technologies, methods of work, conduct laboratory investigations in their own production laboratory with subsequent introduction of developments in the production process.
  • Develop new products, modernize existing ones in order to improve their strength and other characteristics.
  • Each employee in his place, in the company staff there are technical, marketing specialists, employees of the supply department, etc.
  • In the production of the entire product line, raw materials are used from trusted suppliers, with whom the company has been working for several years.
  • At each stage of production, quality control of finished products is carried out, comparative measurements and analyzes are made.

Managers of the company quickly get in touch if you have any questions about the activities and products  plant cast composite material Limited Liability Company  nongovernmental organization  "Altermo" there are business proposals for the wholesale purchase of materials, delivery to the regions - leave your contacts or call the phones indicated in the contacts.

Factory cast composite material Limited Liability Company  nongovernmental organization  "Altermo" was founded in 2011. On the basis of our enterprise, the development and production of innovative paint and varnish materials are being carried out using advanced achievements in the chemical industry.

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