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Become a dealer

   In connection with the increase in demand for «TERMION»® products, the Scientific and Production Association Altermo is expanding its network of dealers and representatives throughout Russia, the CIS and foreign countries.

We offer your company a mutually beneficial cooperation in the promotion of materials under the brand name «TERMION»® in the territory of your region.

Innovative coatings series «TERMION»® - have all the necessary certificates, tolerances, certificate for a trademark (patent). And also a large evidence base.

Advantages for you:

We are loyal to the prices for our dealers and partners - we constantly analyze the market for the materials of our competitors and react quickly to the dynamics of market prices, adjusting the prices for our products.

What you get:

• A quality product that is in high demand on the market;
• Ready-made trade marketing cases (starting from the development of the site and ending with specialized staff seminars on the basis of our company);
• Accompanying and conducting promotional activities, marketing products (free samples, booklets, banners);
• Competitive dealer price, operational shipment of materials
• Active online support and support of dealers at all stages of problem solving
• Joint project management, free heat engineering calculations and development of technical documentation,

Today, our company is a leader in the market of innovative coatings for price and quality.

In order to become our partner, fill out the application form and click the send button.

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Hurry to leave an application
Please fill in this form and we will contact you within 10 minutes. Or call us at 8 (499) 755-84-90 / 8 (929) 916-77-67
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