TERMION Fasad - Professional thermal insulation for facades


The coating "TERMION FASAD" was specially designed for surfaces such as concrete and brick.

Excellent heat-reflective characteristics, high vapor permeability and adhesion allow it to be used in professional building thermal insulation.

To give an attractive appearance, TERMION FASAD adds a colleague.

"TERMION FASAD" eliminates freezing and condensation, which protects buildings from heat losses. The coating has special biocide additives to prevent the appearance of fungus and mold. Safe for others and is characterized by a lack of toxic odor.

In comparison with other modifications of TERMION, this coating has the highest coefficient of vapor permeability. Because of this, the walls, insulated by TERMION FASAD, do not absorb moisture, and unnecessary pairs easily leave the room. Excellent hydrophobic characteristics of TERMION FASAD make it one of the most popular solutions in residential and industrial construction.

Increased resistance "TERMION FASAD" to temperature fluctuations, ultraviolet and increased humidity, allow us to abandon the protection of facades with facing materials, which is very popular when using "traditional" heaters.

"TERMION FASAD" looks like ordinary paint and is also easily applied to any surface. After 5-6 hours, after application, the coating dries up and turns into an elastic heat insulator. By its characteristics, TERMION FASAD far exceeds its "traditional" competitors.

"TERMION FASAD" contains 80% microgranules from glass ceramics "3M" (France) and 20% of the composition is a mixture of microgranules of silicone, acrylic base and rheological additives.


Before coating, it is thoroughly mixed by hand or with a drill (rotation speed up to 200 rpm).

Requirements for the surface on which the thermal insulation is applied: dry and clean (without grease, dirt and dust)

It is not recommended to apply TERMION FASAD on painted surfaces.

For application, use a roller, brush or spray (airless).

The ambient temperature, when painting, should be in the range: + 5 ° C - + 40 ° C.




Color of the film (basic)



Purified water

Appearance of the coating

Matte, smooth, homogeneous

Mass fraction of non-volatile substances

Not less than 70%

Density g / cm³


Hiding power, g / m2 (state standard 8784-75)


Calculated thermal conductivity W / m ° С


Heat dissipation W / m ° С


Thermal resistance m2 * C \ W (at 1 millimeter)


Coefficient of vapor permeability Mg / m h PA


Adhesion coating (state standard 15140-78)

1 score

The flammability class (except for the modification of NG)

G 1

  1. Coating adhesion by peel strength:
    1. 1. coatings to brick Mpa (State All-Union standard 28574-90)
    2. 2. coatings to concrete Mpa (State All-Union standard 28574-90)
    3. 3. coatings to steel Mpa (State All-Union standard 28574-90)


  • 2,00
  • 1,28
  • 1,2

Storage (in tightly closed containers)

12 months

Actual consumption (single-layer coating) l / m²


Drying time, at a temperature (20 ± 2) ° С

Dry from dust

0,5 hours

Full drying to grade 3

40 min.

Interlayer drying

24 hours

Full polymerization

48 hours


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